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OSI Yellow Belt Program 

We now have two available formats, each providing a unique experience.  The foundational framework for both is the same, but the simulation exercises differ and the tools have been carefully selected to support each approach. Upon completion of the course, participants will be Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt practitioners and prepared to share applicable tools and skills with their departments to advance strategic goals.

Topics Covered

  • Understand the language and verbiage of process improvement and Lean Six Sigma
  • Obtain a working knowledge of the tools of process improvement and how to apply them in a higher education setting
  • Gain the ability to identify “Non-Value Added” activities and "Waste" in processes
  • Discover how imprecise, ambiguous information can stall process improvement
  • Learn how to measure and analyze data from core processes to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Recognize the importance of integrating “Voice Of Customer” into any initiative

* Tools which are covered in both formats: DMAIC, VOC, 8-Wastes, 5S, VSM, Gemba, Ishikawa, Establishing Pull, Kaizen, Control Plan, 5-Whys, Change Management, Sigma Scoring, Pareto

Virtue-All Format - No cost for UCSD staff

Delivered via Zoom across two instruction sessions, this approach leverages gamification and a home-grown restaurant-themed simulation.  With a focus on engagement and guided practice - participants will attend a virtual learning experience unlike any other.  Additionally, this course provides tools and techniques to assist teams in supporting projects which may involve significant digital collaboration.   

* Tools which are unique to this format: Charter, SIPOC, Tick Chart, Spaghetti Diagram, Zoom annotations, MS Teams, OneDrive

In-Person Format - $75 registration fee

Delivered on campus in a single full-day session, this format leverages a courier simulation designed by Rath and Strong Consulting LLC.  This high-energy training includes a hands-on group experiential learning to explore process improvement tools.  Box lunches are provided.

* Tools which are unique to this format: Process Observation Sheet, Run Charts, Histogram, VSM deep dive, future state planning, piloting changes.

Upcoming training dates:

  • December Virtual 
    • 12/6/2022 from 8:30am to 12:30pm
    • 12/8/2022 from 8:30am to 12:30pm
  • January Virtual
    • 1/9/2023 from 8:30am to 12:30pm
    • 1/12/2023 from 8:30am to 12:30pm
  • February In-Person
    • 2/22/2023 from 8:30am to 4:30pm
  • March Virtual
    • 3/14/2023 from 8:30am to 12:30pm
    • 3/16/2023 from 8:30am to 12:30pm
  • April In-Person
    • 4/20/2023 from 8:30am to 4:30pm

Register for an upcoming cohort through UCLC using this link.

For more information about how to register and prepare for the course, check out this map link (which is also embedded at the bottom of this page), created in Promapp.

If you are interested in receiving a notification once additional sessions become available, please email and we will include you in our future outreach.


LSS Yellow Belt Supplemental Sessions

UC San Diego now has over 3000 staff who have received some level of Lean Six Sigma training.  There is a unique opportunity right now to leverage those skills to support our teams. 

We are excited to offer a few FREE opportunities to sharpen our Lean Six Sigma skillset. 

  • Kaizen practice (90 minutes) : We provide a process narrative and data sets, and YOU decide which tools to apply as you walk through DMAIC in a kaizen simulation.  Once you've learned the tools, this is your opportunity to apply them!  This is also great preparation for the Process Palooza "Great Race Competition"
  • Additional Tools (30-60 minutes) : OSI will introduce you to content on LSS tools which are not currently covered in the Yellow Belt.  These will also present an opportunity for a deeper dive into any topics our audience may be interested in.
We will have those dates posted on this page, and we will also email any of our past participants. 


Team and Department training options through OSI

If you are interested in providing a private training for your team or department, we offer several options for Lean Six Sigma training ranging from:

  • Introductory White Belt Trainings,
  • Private Yellow Belt Trainings (for groups of 14+), and
  • Customized Rapid Process Improvement sessions where attendees apply their LSS training to analyze and improve a current process from your department.

If you would like to pursue the private training option, please note that event scheduling is ultimately based on facilitator availability. Contact Antonio Nava at for additional information.


Advanced Training: Green Belt and Black Belt

For individuals interested in pursuing advanced levels of education in Lean Six Sigma, OSI recommends completing a course with hands-on, instructor-led training at UC San Diego Divison of Extended Studies. Course completion is dependent on demonstrating the application of LSS through an actual project. Scholarship opportunities are available annually through OSI. For more information, review the course details.


How to register and prepare for OSI's Yellow Belt

See the embedded map below, created in Promapp, which outlines the steps for participating in LSS Yellow Belt with OSI.  The map also includes video links and other resources.