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UC San Diego has ideas; share yours.

UC San Diego’s IdeaWave taps the collective intelligence of our community in an effort to achieve and maintain operational and administrative excellence at our University.

Want to Use IdeaWave?

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Using IdeaWave

Transparent, collaborative, and constructive exchanges are the key to IdeaWave’s success. Users’ identities are visible for idea submission and commenting to provide accountability and context which has been found to enhance constructive discussions and allow for better follow-up when ideas and/or comments are selected for further review or implementation. While submitter identities are shown for ideas and comments and "likes" are recorded, all voting is anonymous.

While participating in IdeaWave, users are expected to adhere to the UC San Diego Principles of Community.



What is IdeaWave?

IdeaWave is a crowdsourcing platform that features targeted campaigns related to areas of strategic importance to UC San Diego. Participants can submit their own ideas, build on the ideas of others, collaborate with others to create new suggestions, and vote on submissions they would like to see progress.

You are invited to participate in idea campaigns by sharing your ideas, comments, and votes with our entire community. Help us identify solutions that will continue to advance our mission of being a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university.

All faculty, staff, and student employees are invited to join in the conversation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference at UC San Diego.

 Read more about the IdeaWave Privacy Practices.

How Can You Use IdeaWave?

Faculty Usage and Considerations:

  • Create virtual collaboration spaces/classrooms for students
  • Visibility into which students have logged in, browsed pages, and submitted/participated in the discussions
  • Foster discussion through commenting to recreate classroom dialogue
  • Use as a document repository/video library or for sharing materials with students
  • Use as a communication tool to email all students or subset of students easily
  • For tests or project submissions that should not be shared with the entire class, there is a confidential submission mode available to send directly to the professor or TA


  • Flexible asynchronous environment so students can login at their convenience outside standard class hours
  • All students have access to IdeaWave through Triton link credentials
  • All faculty have access to IdeaWave through Single Sign On credentials

Technical Support:

  • Free technical support provided to help set up IdeaWave spaces for collaboration
  • Support for configuring discussions, providing reports on attendance/participation, etc

Staff Usage and Considerations:

During this time of physical distancing, IdeaWave is a creative way to ensure business continuity by providing a virtual collaboration space.

  • Easily set up a private space in IdeaWave to replace an in-person meeting
  • Invite any size group
  • Replicate meeting dialogue by commenting and providing feedback on submissions
  • Communicate through the tool and send emails/reminders
  • Open 24/7 for participants to engage at their own pace
  • Identify discussion themes and popular submissions quickly
  • Share relevant documents, videos, and links all stored in one convenient place
  • Confidential submissions are an option for sensitive discussion topics

Health System Usage and Considerations:

  • Physicians are using IdeaWave to communicate and consult on cases (no PID)
  • Teams are using IdeaWave to share best practices and problem-solve
  • Use IdeaWave to put a challenge out to a target audience
  • Get feedback from your department on your strategic planning goals

Student Usage and Considerations:

During this time of physical distancing, IdeaWave is a creative way to stay in contact with social or academic groups.

  • Set up an IdeaWave campaign to replace a student org meeting
  • Get ideas and converse with your peers on important social or academic topics
  • Get your study group together online to share ideas on project topics
  • Keep documents and conversations safe and secure long-term for future group use



The Standing Committee on Service and People Oriented Administrative Culture (SC-SPOC), which serves as an advisor to the Chancellor in achieving Goal 5 of the Strategic Plan, utilizes IdeaWave to run campaigns on SC-SPOC related questions and initiatives. Goal 5 specifically emphasizes the creation of a versatile and lasting infrastructure through dedication to service, people, and financial stewardship, or the skilled management of resources. 

Additionally, various committees and service units can use IdeaWave for focused collaboration campaigns by working with the Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives to develop campaign concepts and coordinate campaign timing and administration.

The implementation of IdeaWave was led by the Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives and guided by the SC-SPOC, the inaugural user of IdeaWave.