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Important Updates regarding COVID-19

OSI has the capability for project flexibility with the tools and expertise to design social distancing into meetings even in large-group facilitated workshops. If leaders or project team members have any concern at all about scheduled or to-be-scheduled events, OSI has a number of practices to redesign sessions to limit contact while keeping the desired outcomes the same.  

We also consult on best practices for how to leverage collaborative tools (including Zoom, IdeaWave, ProMapp, and more) to sustain the momentum of projects and initiatives even as campus reaction unfolds and response directives are put in place. 

OSI is dedicated to ensuring our important work can continue while also being vigilant about our top priority – the health of our students, staff, faculty, and families.  Please contact us at to discuss other opportunities or partnerships further.

Research Support

OSI has partnered with Research Affairs to provide support in various areas such as data analytics, process redesign, grant funding identification, and project management.  We are proud to support researchers and health staff whose work will save lives and contribute to this global effort.

Lean Six Sigma

Yellow Belt in-person sessions have been postponed, but virtual sessions are currently being provided.  We can continue to have discussions for future in-person training, as well as collect data and current state information for kaizen sessions.  Please contact us at if you would like more information.


UC San Diego recently participated in an IdeaWave Campaign designed to gather feedback and ideas regarding the transition into a virtual workplace or learning environment.  The campaign, UC San Diego Virtual...Together invited over 40,000 employees, including staff, faculty, and student interns/workers to collaborate and engage on best practice sharing as we faced many of the same challenges. OSI is proud to have supported this effort to continue building our community and engaging staff.  The ideas and comments submitted have been provided to campus leadership along with recommendations to guide and inform decisions related to how to provide support for students and staff. Click here to see the summary. Check back for updates on actions and steps that are occurring as a result of this campaign.

Virtual Workgroups

OSI has designed sessions to support team engagement and professional development.  We have focused primarily a few areas which we believe will best serve the campus at this time.  First are sessions focused on creating engagement during virtual discussions through gamification, creative Zoom use, and Liberating Structures.  Second are sessions designed to support our Lean Six Sigma trained staff, and continue to provide training to new staff.  This is a key area of importance as departments identify their processes and not only determine how to potentially accomplish them virtually, but also identify areas of potential wasteful steps.  Lastly are sessions focused on process mapping.  It has become essential that we understand not only what our processes are, but why they exist in their current state.  Through virtual whiteboard sessions or shared platforms such as Promapp, teams should become acutely aware of their process information so they can continue to be effective.  

COVID-19 Survey

The Tritonlytics team has designed a COVID-19 Impact Survey for any unit, department, or university to use free of charge. This survey is currently being deployed at 10 universities across the country to guide priorities and assist in planning for emerging needs of staff and faculty. In the spirit of partnership and collaboration, a benchmark report highlighting themes and trends will be made available to all participating universities. Contact if you would like more information.