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Yellow Belt Training

"At least five long-time staff members have since told me that it was hands-down the most valuable training they've ever attended. I am so grateful to you all for the pre-op work you did and for your good humor coupled with professionalism during the two days of working with our staff."

Workshop Facilitation

"I really enjoyed all the hands-on activities, as I am a kinetic learner and am much better at learning by doing... All three presenters were absolutely phenomenal! I can see they are all passionate about what they do and I also appreciated the many real-world examples they were able to share in the class."

Campus Surveys

“The Staff@Work survey has provided a roadmap to help guide our entire team toward improved results, least of which is accomplishing the largest fundraising year for Health Sciences in the history of UC San Diego!”

Green Belt Scholarships

"Obtaining my Green Belt, and consecutively my Black Belt have been the two most significant events in my career. I feel as if I now have a language to describe and communicate a culture that has been inside of me all along, but I’m now armed with the tools to make a substantial impact in my office and positively influence those I work with."


"Thanks to your expert guidance, we've almost finalized our updated form and the process. The Executive Vice Chancellor likes what we've created for the College so much that they plan to implement the new process and system campuswide in July. We could never have gotten this far without your excellent shepherding skills!"